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                  Family History

This was taken from
Pruyn Family - American Branch
Written April 1898 Pages 70-71
By John V. L. Pruyn 

    The meaning of Pruyn is not known, nor is there any reference to the
Fruit in the family arms, witch are : Or, three (Dutch) martlets  . sable . Crest, a
(Dutch) martlet sable in a vol--l'antique d'or. The martlet of French and Dutch
heraldry differs in shape from that used in English heraldry. Pruym is not a form of
Pruyn, and moreover is the name of a Dutch family in no way related to Pruyn, and
witch never writes its name Pruyn. The occasional occurrences in the early records
of Pruym or Pruim for Pruyn is therefore misleading and an error.
    Pruym is also the name of a district and city of Rhenish Prussia now called Prm
In ancient geography it also occurs as the name of Bay or Gulf in India.
    Pruyn has the various forms of  Proen, Preun, Pruen, Pruin and even Pryn, con-
tracted from Proenen , Pruenen , Preunen , Pruynen , Prunen etc.The earliest form,
Proenen appears before 1350 in Limbourg , Holland